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What does breakfast mean to you?
What would you order if it was your last meal before your trip to Mars? FYI, you’re never coming back to Earth.
Would you describe yourself as a “Foodie”? Please explain why or why not.
What does the term “Late night dining makes the World go around”, say to you?
Do you read up and study a destination, or prefer to wing it? Why?
Do you work while traveling or unplug?
Do you prefer urban or rural travel?
Are you a traveler or a tourist?
Do you like breaks during the day or are you more go, go, go?
Put these in preference order- hostel, Airbnb, hotel, resort, bed and breakfast, and Why?
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How do you feel about drinking alcohol?
What makes you feel uncomfortable?
What makes you happy?
Where would you recommend a friend to visit, and why?
Is nightlife important?
How do you communicate?