Traveling to us means packing your bags light and being ready for whatever comes your way, learning to appreciate a new place through its food, culture, and rich history, all while having a great time creating new and lasting friendships with fellow travelers from home and abroad.

Our travel adventures may not be for everyone, but if you like to experience new places instead of just touring them, our trips will be just right for you. We offer the convenience of an organized adventure with the fun of a spontaneous outing with friends.


A little bit about our model of travel

-We carefully curate each trip, bring together up to ten adventurous and like-minded people to travel with two trip leaders, then explore a country’s history and culture through experiences and places on and off the beaten path, adapting as we go.

-We create an experience, not a tour. This means you have the freedom to enjoy a place the way you want to. If you feel like staying in bed all day or going your own way, do it! You are free to join the group for all or part or none of the planned events and activities on any given day.

-We love food, so it will be central to all of our trips. Every destination offers the opportunity to learn about its culture through its unique foods, as countless very successful travel and cuisine television shows will attest to. The only thing better than watching someone else travel and eat is doing the traveling and eating yourself!

-You are among friends. We want all of our trips to be fun, relaxed, and flexible.


Characteristics of a successful 10 closest friends traveler

Enjoys a hearty toast with friends to start the night or a casual nightcap with the local bar owner before last call; isn’t afraid of Burning Man, but also appreciates the quiet nuances of an historic village church; Enjoys traveling alone, but sometimes prefers a group to share the experience.

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Lisa Tester

I am a planner, plain and simple. I like things organized.

This trait serves me well in my career as an accounting professional, and in my personal life, it gets things done. But sometimes you just have to cut loose, and travel is the vital element that keeps me balanced.

Travel is fundamental to my happiness—seeing new places and savoring the history and culture of a region creates perspective for me. And traveling has taught me that the best experiences of my life have actually been unorganized.  

Meeting locals and befriending fellow travelers has created longtime friendships and opened up opportunities that aren’t usually found when staying on the main road. I enjoy the freedom of reinventing myself on a trip and absorbing everything around me.

While I have traveled extensively, I haven't traveled nearly as much as I would like to, and still have so much to see and do. Stay tuned!


James Paulson

I’m very passionate about travel and meeting new people. I believe that getting off the “Yellow Brick Road” is important and central to all of my trips. When you step away from the tourist routes and engage with locals you learn and see so much more of the places you visit. Don’t get me wrong, I love museums and key landmarks just as much as the next person, but that should be only part of the experience. There are 24 hours in a day and going on a trip is not the time to see how many of those hours you can spend on a tour bus or in a hotel room.

Travel Experience

-Traveled to 6 of the 7 continents (#7 is going down soon!)

-Visited over 75 countries

-Favorite place to visit is South America

Work Experience

-Master's degree from University of Oregon

-Worked professionally as a human resources executive for too many years

-Always an entrepreneur





I am foodie, yogi and traveler.  I like to plan for people, but I do things spontaneously for myself. Anything sounds good to me, I will try because you never know what you are missing out!

I have lived in a couple of different places in US over 10 years, and Portland has became home.  People, culture, food, art and vibe of this city fits me well and I love to share every good thing about PDX with you.  

Travel is to me… inspiring, healing, exciting and I don’t want my experience just going through the checklist on the guide book.  Also not only just visiting places and eat local food, meeting people are great treasure as well.

The best way to experience the best in the town for limited schedule is to ask local, our friends know what to do in this city, and I am so excited to be part of your next trip!